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My interest in photography began when I was a very small child. Some of my earliest memories are of watching a photographer, still a close family friend, at work. It was this same person that showed the basics of 35mm photography, the chemistry behind development and in 1981 helped me to purchase my first camera, the Nikkormat FT. So, for many years, I have dabbled on and off with shooting film and experimenting with black and white darkroom techniques.

Unfortunately, my biggest obstacle was money. Even with a home dark room, the costs and time consumption involved with processing made it very difficult to pursue my hobby. Now, in the age of digital photography, I have truly found my calling. With a purchase of the Nikon D100, I have been able to shoot thousands of images that would have never been cost effective with film. Plus, being that my ex-wife is a professional model, I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to work with some extremely talented photographers over the past few years.

Although I do most of my photographic work in Dallas, my occupation as the owner of a tattoo/piercing studio affords me the time and flexibility to travel and shoot on a regular basis. I am always available for studio work in Dallas. If you are interested in modeling in Texas, the US or abroad, please drop me an email and I would be happy to correspond with you and possibly set up a time and place to shoot.

Thank you
C Allen Falkner H

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